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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 930P  FOX  November 21, 2016 9:30pm-10:00pm MST

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>> car thefts keep going up and up. >> and has. >> it's very alarming to us.
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investigate way millions of your dollars handed to a state agency to prevent this very thing isn't stopping the trend. >> it's a dollar for every car every year. that is the multimillion dollar state the we've all been paying that supposed to go towards combating vehicle theft frisky tonight, we ask why the experts of the colorado automobile theft pretension authority and seemed to be chris calls me follows the money. >> thieves into cars like crazy. here is the trend over the last five years in colorado. tip 14,859. that is up 53 percent increase in the number of stolen cars. and this year, the numbers are supposed to go even higher. >> this retired car thief agreed to show that fox 31 problem solvers how simple and fast
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we're not revealing all the steps it took to crack this acura stealing column and get it starting without a key, but we can tell you it only took 27 seconds. >> and it was right here. >> criminals broke our hearts and wallets when they ripped off that say, her families only car in the middle of the night. >> i learned how to drive and herbert i got my license in her. me and my kids first car. they've been walng lives. do you want please found her vehicle a month later, it was wrecked to the point it wasn't worth recovering. so she had to tell her son xabi walking again this winter. >> at sex because people work hard for the things. to fight the specific crime colorado insurance law forces registered car owners to cough up the. extra dollar per vehicle annually. that's a total of more than
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i love that handed to the colorado auto theft prevention authority or captive. a keep the administrative fee and then grant out the rest. for what? millions have been handed to public awareness campaigns like this one targeting locking your jar. >> it's not that hard. don't be a victim of auto theft, lock it or lose it. in police training. the old-fashioned fingerprint powder. furstinger operations, set up that led to some arrests and a conviction. the problem solvers had to ask if what it was doing was effective. >> what i get for my dollar? they don't deal with the individual to that of best selling the car. they like at associations of people. again, with that efforts would not be on.
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in car thefts since you've been fully funded. why? can retain the trend of auto theft since 2011 start to go up on the rise. although year-to-year it is very concerning to us, it's on the increase in one year is very alarming to spread. >> a high-speed chase apparently someone stole a car. >> has carjacked a silver band. the metropolitan auto theft task force recently received $2.3 million from last year at least one area it covers arapahoe county sought a 100181 percent increase from stolen cars from 605-1698. so far in 2016, denver is reporting to the fox 31 problem solvers it expects another spike in car thefts of at least 12 percent. >> we do infiltrate organizations and we do do a lot
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>> task force detective says the cast benefit of the program, and the form of higher stolen car recovery rates. it makes it cheaper to injure your vehicle. a good example is the money going to license plate readers to find stolen vehicles faster. >> the citizen, if they looking at it from a value standpoint, there certainly getting more than their moneys worth because we're giving back more than what is being taken from. >> that assurance doesn't really come for brooks. >> it takes the cost cups about three hours for them to get to you. that gives the people who stole the car that thieves, enough time to do whatever they want to do with it and leave it and walk away from it and most likely not get caught sport. >> it irks brooks that the millions extra dollars being spent hasn't helped to reduce the number of victims like her.
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coming year a new public awareness campaigns including that psa you just so with the crown. the message not the car. >> you are saying this more stocks being stolen. >> 150, 250, 350 all being targeted in court made it. attacks here in the material right now bridgestone mostly for this expense of parts, but on the flipside the mid- 90s honda accords and also being taken. a lot of them because the easy to get into and it being used to perpetuate other crimes. >> had no idea how easy and how fast they got in. >> i was really surprised. i figured we'd have the camera set up, three, four, five minutes. it was just like that. >> thank you. >> @parker men who problem promised to invest $300,000 of his coworkers money is being
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>> here's a preview of rednecks problem solver investigation coming up in our next hour. >> i absolutely will do everything in my power to make sure she gets paid. >> when i found out everything you come before was lies, i don't know if i can believe him now. >> all of your coworkers described as a pathological ledger layer. >> we will have the full story tonight at 10:00 p.m. airports should run busy this holiday week. >> the reason workers say they will put their strike on hold as they say their wages continue to
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cahee new developments involving hundreds of workers at the nations busiest over the fence giving holiday. workers at o'hare international airport say they will wait until after the holiday to walk off the job. >> we respect families traveling to be together and that is why we are holding off our strike until after the thanksgiving holiday. our strike will start on tuesday after thanksgiving, november 29. >> nonunionized imagers baggage handlers, and wiltshire d hours plus union might spread. >> gas prices in the denver area keep on going down. gas buddy says prices have dropped four sent over the past week to an average of $2.01 a gallon. that is lower than the national average of $2.13. >> a couple of problem solvers consumer alerts, first off apple offering free replacement batteries to some iphone six users whose devices suddenly
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a very small number of devices made between september and october of 2015 are affected. today's announcement comes less than a week after consumer watch group launched an investigation into this problem. apple says the battery problem is not a safety issue. >> voluntary really calling some of its promise and spreads because of possible listeria contamination. the fda says the affected were manufactured in ad and for traces of throw away any product listeria can cause sometimes fatal infections in young children, frail or elderly people. symptoms vary, but usually include a fever, muscle aches, stiffness, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. staying in shape during the holidays. it is trouble it is possible. >> coming up, the one thing you could do to find out what.
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holiday season. >> checking maintenance to will talk about the cold temperatures
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>> staying in shape during the holidays even if you don't want to do it is possible and a little science that could be the key to doing it. >> problem solver shaul turner tells us our dna can tell us what page should free field to enjoy. >> shauna lenard has a big birthday coming up. >> i'll be 50 this year. beget that's about the time women will realize that diets that work in your 20s and it is don't cut it anymore so she is trying a new type of weight management plan using your dna to determine how you processed carbohydrates, protein, and pets because not everyone is the same. >> for something to be
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made a lot of sense. >> health experts at the nutrition center do the testing here in denver. >> not only can it affect you metabolize different nutrients and whether or not you tend to store fat or permit has energy, it can also if your prayer genotype, there is some evidence that could maybe prevent certain diseases. >> they show the problem solvers how it works. >> there you go. >> the nutritionist takes a quick swap of richie dickel live with her dna. @then goes to the lab for analysis than 7-10 days later that the results are in. john perceives her dna -based meal plan. >> based on her genotype, we found that her resolve she would do best with a 40 percent carbohydrates, 30% protein, and 30% fat breakdown. >> i'm a little surprised at the results because i have felt like
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than cover hit rate spread. >> but she tried it getting a good dose of healthy carbs from the roots also high in fiber and cutting back on starches and fats. within a couple of months he lost 10 pounds and the weight is still coming off. my daughters hate the shorts they call them my mom shorts i'm going to get wit of these. also asked if not her size anymore. >> i feel great. i want to be as healthy and look as good in my close as i possibly can. it makes me very happy. you know once i saw that i to try it too. you can take the swab into it on one side. can you roll it around. here are my results from the lab, complete with great meal ideas and even recipes. i am totally stoked that i can have more carbohydrates and i thought.
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the meal plan they gave me, i think i can do this. health experts say in the coming weeks just relax and enjoy the holidays, but make healthy choices and keep indulgences to a minimum. it doesn't mean i can't have it, it just means i have to eat less of it. >> dna weight loss plans can reveal that the exercise program for you. for more information on this check out the story on our homepage. >> happening today, we get our first look at the ice rink at dia. it opens this friday and it's free. look at this. i had no idea this was happening. the rink is going to through new year's day from 9:0h carolers and seasonal music, and reese gates also you just committed to taking your kids are front of all in denver. teams of interior designers got to work making over magic. six rooms in the mansion according to this years theme sister cities could you tell it by looking. for more than two dozen entries to showcase their work the awareness of denver so-called twin towns.
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greece. >> the whole idea is to celebrate the international cooperation and global context of the holidays how we're all connected. this sister cities seemed like a special team. you can do the design is work for next month. we do have a couple quick reminders for you. we are proud to partner with the salvation army during a season of giving so stop by the supers on top colorado boulevard 11:30 p.m. this wednesday. jeremy and i will be bringing bells as part of the salvation army is red kettle drive. we would also love your support for the problem solvers toy drive in partnership with the salvation army and the information on your screen now through december 16 for a drop off any any new unwrapped toy. the toys will be distributed to prequalified families through the holiday program. stop by clement littleton on
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absolutely all day meet the newest members of the fox 31 news team and enjoy some holiday activities. here we go keeping an eye on another storm system coming up and out of the south and west across the colorado mountains to denver and onto the eastern plains. the last snowstorm we had last week targeted the evening commute. this will not be a problem for the morning drive tomorrow. outside right now fifty and 47. the wind is not the right direction to give us a rainmaker. it's out of the north and west and. humidity only at 56 percent. you can see anything that does fall from the clouds increasing of the range of temperatures in the 40s in the form of rain. you get up into the mountains and the temperatures drop faster. that's where we see the snow. with the snow coming down, mom
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most of the month stain in the 40s for the still in the grand to the south and east. you can see chile 30s out towards akron down towards lyman and sliding out i 70 towards burlington. there is the rain and snow i was shown you on satellite and radar. it comes up as rain and then quickly changes over to snow. the period of snow with some wind here from fort collins down to about monument hill. in this area and out east of the front range last for about seven that's a good four or five hours of snow. accumulations could be several inches. i will have the specific numberscoming up at 10:00 p.m. very quickly, the storm system lives away. a cooler day instead of being in the 50s and 60s. will only be in the 40s and '50s tomorrow. the colder temperatures 30s and '40s will stay in the mountains. in the morning they kids encounter the snow.
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though the sunshine will come back. watch out for slick roads as you head outdoors tomorrow morning. temperatures slowly recover as we get into the afternoon. thanksgiving forecast plus the weekend ahead in the pinpoint
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>> anytime you play ten weeks in her own this business you're going to beat up. it's kind of a chance to regroup your football team. we're at full strength that practice today for the first time in probably ten weeks. >> that is one happy. the broncos back to work return from the bye week does have the elbow cast although he still ready to go. don't forget about this guy three-time pro bowler recovered from the recent back injury and says he is his entire team is set to go now for this big stretch run of the season. >> perfect time. we had a lot of guys with little nagging injuries that 70s or press definitely help. we got the seven extra days of
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on the field ready to go. team. six games to go for the broncos is the current standings in the afc west. you see the ravens record they are now up to eight into first place in the division as they knock off the texans in mexico city. it won 27-120. they're going to meet up on sunday night. the kickoff and mile high. see you, suddenly of a false: tegan printable on the schedule today than the ninth rate bus now await that color sample that said to be released tomorrow. the nine and two bus next play saturday evening hosting utah a game you can see right here on fox 31 denver. cu basketball tonight for three and a bus in taking on three and own notre dame. the iris got off to bad start. corey miller a little open slams cut the lead down to seven at that point. later in the first half savior
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the problem in addition to this list by it. stopping dribble drive. there goes one guy. there goes another dribble drive. the baseline slam. going down for the average. four of their five starters in the double figures. cu suffered their first loss of the season. final score 89-84. switching gears to hockey skating to appear at girls that miami of ohio this past weekend. the denver pioneers dropped a spot in both major polls released today. they next play at air force on friday also back home hosting, wisconsin on saturday. then on the ice, the avs in columbus tonight winners in two of the past three. trying to get back to 500 on the season to win tonight we do it. this would certainly help. erik johnson with abb.
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work. give the avs of they would take over attempted to score. this time on the break and look at this. not douching to impress. he is back from concussion. he missed the last four games certainly welcome back into the lineup tonight. he gets that game-winner in ot. final score 3-2. we will hear from him coming up a little later. >> the raiders and texans a great game. the eight and two. the broncos continuously looking up at the radars in the standings. >> don't like that at all. he gave fox 31 denver news at 10:00 p.m. starts right now. >> fox 31 denver news at 10:00 p.m. >> go broncos.
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joe's. more on the initiative making it all possible. >> get ready for more metro area snow. how the dot is preparing for tonight storm making sure your safe on the roads tomorrow. >> let's get right to our storm watch tonight. we're fox 31 team covering covering everything you need to know. greg nieto is on the road. dave fraser is keeping a close eye on the forecast and the latest on >> i'm deborah takahara. let's start with my blog at 25 with the latest on tonight see. check. >> mykel. >> so far the conditions just fine. of course, we're expecting snow in the early morning hours. one hundred snow plows are scheduled throughout the metro ready for that snowfall. the priority the interstate as you see. here, the interstate throughout the denver area in the busy city


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